the learning process

Puppy must learn where to do the doo doo.

You can train a dog on where to do his business in no time if you are persistent. Every child is different. I was lucky, my son at age 1 1/2 told me he wanted to use the toilet. He could hardly talk at this age, but he stood by the hallway and kept smacking his pamper and pointing down the hall toward the bathroom. I soon caught on. I took him to the bathroom, he stepped up on the stepping stool we had for the sink usage and he peed in the big pot. It took about six months for me to trust him without a night diaper. He had to throw a fit insisting he no longer needed it and that I should trust him. Well I put a mat under his sheet just in case. He woke up dry. It was wonderful. But I kept a few on hand for sick days, you never know.

Now my girlfriend, her little girl is now 8 years old and still does not like to use the toilet and she does not clean herself good after a bowel movement. I know my friend is frustrated with her daughter.

In all cases, it is easier to train a puppy to do his business outside.

Doggy and baby must learn to figure each other out.

The dog, being older in this situation, must let the baby have the upper hand. He must love the babe and take whatever she dishes out, because he is older and knows better. The baby on the other hand has no idea what this creature is. Is he a toy? Can I climb on him? Can I pull his tail. Can I taste his ear? The dog in this video looks very understanding and knows he must take it, because she is the baby.
The baby can play with his toys, but he gets hollered at “No Touch!”  You better not touch that binky. The parent picks it up, sucks on it and sticks it in the baby’s mouth. Yuck.




One year of puppy life is equivalent to seven of human

How would it feel to have seven years crammed into one? Would you be able to have meaningful relationships and memories? I don’t know if humans could, but dogs seem to have the ability to accelerate their life.
I do know a dog that was sprayed three times in two years by a skunk! It seems that humans would have learned this lesson either from another person advising you to stay away or by getting sprayed only once.
Puppies get to run, jump, get into, knock over, chew-chew-chew, hide, eat, take shall I go on?
In that first year they do learn. If they have brothers and sisters, they have to get to the dinner plate first or the siblings will latch on to Mom first and get a full belly. When they get adopted, they have to learn their name, stay, sit, beg, speak, roll over, don’t bark, gimme paw and a few other commands.
Humans bring home special artwork from Kindergarten; bird dogs bring home birds, beagles bring home: moles, mice, bunnies … Other pups will retrieve balls, sticks, whatever you throw. Other pups won’t retrieve at all.  

Think of all that we learn in seven years, and we learn it from our own species. Now think how smart a dog must be to learn all that he does about himself. How can we explain their innate behavior/ instinct. How could you know and why is he thinking, I want to chase that stick and take it back to my human friend.  Amazing!