ruff and tumble days

Life was pretty settled. We ran on a routine. Rusty knew his boundaries and he had his own spot and chair in the living room. Since he was short, he couldn’t see out the windows. He could lay on the back of the couch to see out the front window. To see into the yard and the road up to the driveway, we reserved a chair for him. You give a child a highchair, we gave him a window chair. At times he wanted to sit beside us when we were home. When we weren’t home, his chair gave him access to the outside world. It happened one day that we were all busy rushing to leave the house. When I got home after work (it was summer) he was sitting at the edge of our property by the basketball hoop. He didn’t take off and my neighbor had given him some water. He sat their most of the day and watched the cars go up and down the highway waiting to see my car turn up the lane. He was so cute when I did turn up the lane. He wagged and made circles all the while knowing to stay away from the car until I parked. It was a great moment.

While I was at work, my son called me from home said the oven was shooting out a flame from the connector to the inside of the oven. The flex tube had cracked and lit up. I called the fire department and told my son to grab the strong box, (which he didn’t even know about) and get himself and the dog out. Everything was fine. The fire department arrived, shut off the gas and checked the house. The big trucks, men in fire outfits scared the heck out of the dog. Rusty walked around with his tail curled between his back legs for days. It would not straighten out!
stance of frightened dog

He was fine after a few days. It was the most activity he had ever experienced. Poor guy.


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