still learning

They say you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. Dogs and humans are always learning. Some might take longer than others, but when it clicks, you got it!

Rusty continually learned new ways to get around my rules. He also would tell us when he wanted to play and what game he wanted to play. He alerted us to critters in the house. He told us when he needed to go outside and when he wanted to go outside.

Rusty would sneak a coin and lay it in front of himself. This told us he wanted to play. We had made up a game where we each tried to snatch up the coin first. He was so cute. He could roll his eyes in a suspicious manner like he was teasing me to make the first move.

The only toy he never shredded was the little squeaky lamb made from real wool. We called it his baby. We asked him to go find it or bring us the baby and he would. He would shake it and throw it in the air, grab it again and lay on it. At times he would just gnaw on it, lick it or ignore it. When we would hide his baby, drag it on the ground, Rusty loved following the scent to find it. This seemed to be his favorite game. He would bring us his baby and place it at our feet looking at us, wagging his tail while backing up a bit. He was telling us to get up and hide it so he can sniff it out.  He always found where we hit it.


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